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XBN Editor


The xbneditor module can be used to graphically display a Bayesian network, convert between different Bayesian network file formats, and run most of the modules from a graphical user interface (GUI).

Example 1

Use xbneditor to graphically display a Bayesian network. To start the editor, either run the script RunEditor or type
 D:\bnj>java xbneditor/Test

at the prompt. Then choose the type of file (.bif, .xml, or .dsl) you will be loading from the Tools/File type menu. You may then load the file using File/Open. This will graphically display the relationships in the Bayesian network as well as the conditional probability tables. Below is a screenshot of asia.xml when loaded in the editor.

Example 2

Use xbneditor to graphically run either the BBN Converter, K2, LS, or Stochastic Sampling. To run one of these modules, open the editor as described above, pull down the "Modules" menu, and select which module you would like to run. Below are screenshots of using xbneditor to run each of the modules.

BBN Converter



Stochastic Sampling

Example 3

Use xbneditor to convert between two file formats for Bayesian networks. This feature can either be run using the graphical editor, or from the command line, as will appear below. The BBN Converter can load networks from the following formats

and can output the networks in any of the following formats

Below is an example of how to run the converter from the command line. Here, we load asia.xml and convert it to asia.bif.
 D:\bnj>java xbneditor/BBNConverter asia.xml asia.bif

Tues July 23 2002