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Undergraduate Research Programmers

The KDD Lab in Computer Science (CS) at K-State is seeking undergraduate research programmers, for research projects in the following areas with a focus on applied artificial intelligence/machine learning research:

  • Natural Language Processing: Text Analytics, Information Extraction, Topic Modeling, QA, etc.
  • Computer Vision
  • Reinforcement Learning and Robotics
  • Affective Computing Group (ACG): Affective computing, Wearables and Animal telemetry
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI): Graphics, Visualization, and User Interfaces
  • Cyber Resilience, Security and Trust
  • High Performance Computing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Biosecurity

Necessary Qualifications

  • Proficiency with Java, C#, Python
  • CIS 200, or equivalent coursework and experience
  • Ability to work 10-12 hours per week during the regular academic year

Ideal Qualifications

  • One of CIS 301 (Logical Foundations of Programming), CIS 520 (Operating Systems), or equivalent coursework or background
  • One of Stat 510 (Introduction to Probability and Statistics) or Math 510 (Discrete Mathematics)
  • Experience with any of the following is a plus:
    • An integrated development environment (IDE) such as Eclipse or PyCharm
    • A GUI development environment
    • Databases or artificial intelligence
    • Previous work on group projects
  • Ideal candidates will be able to start immediately and remain with the group for at least one year

The lab director is William H. Hsu (

Compensation starts at $13 per hour with increases after 1-2 semesters, given satisfactory performance.

If interested, please send e-mail documenting:

  • Your experience, academic background, and interests
  • Computer Science, other Science, Math, and Engineering courses taken; Overall GPA
  • Names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of 3 references

The KDD Lab web site is at: