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William Hsu's Calendar

Calendar for William H. Hsu - To make appointments, please use Calendly ( For instructions, please see the FAQs at the bottom of the page including Thursday schedule.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Question: How do I make an appointment on this calendar?
    Answer: Please use ( to book an appointment. The Calendly system will ask you some questions about who you are and what kind of meeting you would like, to book a meeting time of at least 30 minutes. These can be scheduled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8am-6pm U.S. Central Time (0800-1800).
  2. Question: Your calendar says you are available tomorrow. Why doesn't Calendly show me any time slots to choose from, and how do I make an appointment for tomorrow?
    Answer: My Calendly is set to book meetings 24 hours or more in advance, to make sure I have enough advance notification. I only book meetings by hand within the next 24 hours. If we previously agreed to a meeting and it is now within 24 hours of your desired meeting time, or you have a time-critical matter, please contact William Hsu directly to get an appointment if possible (see the next question below).
  3. Question: Something in Calendly is not working for me. Can you help?
    Answer: For assistance, please e-mail with the word "Appointment" in the message title and cc: the KDD Lab administrative account, and the KDD Lab Personnel co-lead Yihong Theis, at or (while Yihong is on leave through late November 2023) the Personnel lead Raja Farrukh Ali, at If you don't get a reply within 24 hours, please call William Hsu at +1 785 236 8247 (Google Voice).
  4. Question: What do the colors mean?
  5. Question: Can you be more specific about the color-coding? What category does our meeting fall into?
    Answer: To clarify: Red means a hard time confict because the meeting time cannot be changed (this is true of my teaching times). Orange means the meeting has high priority and can only be preempted by a higher-priority meeting (red or orange). Highest priority is given to graduate defenses for dissertations, theses, and reports by students whose committees I serve on; in descending order of precedence: (a) defenses (only where I am an advisor or voting commitee member); (b) talks and interviews by a faculty candidate in a search where I serve on the committee; (c) research sponsor meetings or university, department, or college service meetings for which I have something due or serve as a chair or co-chair (e.g., CS graduate studies); (d) distinguished lecturer series talks (provost's, departmental); (e) lab all-hands meeting or group colloquium; (f) reading groups; (g) lab division meeting; (h) project team meeting when preparing for a PI meeting, sponsor site visit, annual close-out. All other meeting times are non-critical (yellow, green, or blue).
  6. Question: Thursdays are blank. Are you really available on Thursdays or not?
    Answer: Since 2015, I have held Thursdays open for: defenses, proposal and paper writing, interdisciplinary collaborations on campus, off-campus travel to give talks or participate in research meetings, reviewing, and service committee meetings, in descending order of precedence. I specifically reserved Thursday to stay off the critical path for defenses. If you are a graduate administrator, advisor, or student who wishes for me to participate in a dissertation or thesis committee, and I have agreed to serve, please allow Thursday choices of defense times if possible. I will give defenses top priority on Thursdays, and will move any previously-scheduled meeting that is not for a defense, if possible. If I am out of town but able to participate by videoteleconference (Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.) I will do so.
  7. Question: How can I schedule recurring one-on-one or group meetings?
    Answer: In that case, please use **to set up a single meeting and let William Hsu and the above research and administrative assistants know via email or KDD Slack to schedule that event for the duration you would like (e.g. the spring semester), in which case the one-time event will be copied over as a recurring event.
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