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Undergraduate Research Assistant - RL

Please see this link to find out if this job position is currently open or not.

The KDD Lab in Computer Science (CS) at K-State is seeking undergraduate research assistants (1-3 positions available), for research projects in applied artificial intelligence/machine learning research. The position will involve doing research in reinforcement learning (RL), in which an agent learns a policy through interacting with its environment (work being done by the likes of OpenAI, DeepMind etc).

The lab director is Prof. William H. Hsu and successful candidates will be working under the supervision of Raja Farrukh Ali, a Ph.D. student with the lab. Compensation starts at $15 per hour with increments after 1-2 semesters, given satisfactory performance. Ideal candidates will be able to start immediately and remain with the group for at least one year. Applications will be entertained till all positions are filled.

Job Responsibilities

As an Undergraduate Research Assistant working under the direct supervision of a Ph.D. student, your primary responsibility will be to implement research ideas into code, run experiments and gather results. You will get a chance and will be encouraged, to become involved in all aspects of the research project lifecycle such as formulating problems, gathering data, generating hypotheses, developing models and algorithms, conducting experiments, synthesizing results, writing and submitting research papers, building prototype applications and communicating the significance of your research (by attending poster sessions, conferences, workshops). Examples of current and previous research work can be foundhere andhere.

Necessary Qualifications

  • Computer Science major (see Note below)
  • Enrolled in at least 6 hours during Fall/Spring (see Note below)
  • Cummulative GPA > 3.0 (see Note below)
  • Medium-level proficiency in Python
  • Ability to consistently work at least 10-12 hours per week (2-3 hours a day) during the regular academic year
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Note: indicates a funding requirement that can be waived for candidates with good experience.

Ideal Qualifications

  • Having taken or taking CIS530 (Introduction to AI) and CIS532 (Introduction to Machine Learning), or equivalent online courses/certificates on AI or ML
  • One of Stat510 (Introduction to Probability and Statistics) or Math510 (Discrete Mathematics)
  • Knowledge of Reinforcement Learning
  • Experience with any RL library (Stable Baselines, RLlib, Dopamine, Garage etc.)
  • Experience of using Beocat HPC
  • Experience with ML platforms such as Tensorflow/Keras, PyTorch, etc.
  • Experience with experiment logging platforms such as Wandb, Tensorboard etc.
  • Knowledge of setting up and maintaining open source code on GitHub (e.g., setting up GitHub Actions)

Ideal Capabilities

  • Curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness and a collaborative spirit
  • Eagerness to learn new concepts and conduct research
  • Self-driven and motivated
  • Aspiration to attend graduate school
The above are not mandatory requirements, and we encourage anyone with good programming skills, and an eagerness to learn and work proactively, to apply to this position.

If interested, please send:

  • Your CV (documenting experience, academic background, and interests)
  • Your K-State unofficial transcript (listing CS, Maths, and Engineering courses taken; CGPA)
  • Details of 3 references (names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers)
To: The KDD Lab web site is at:

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