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  1. Computer Vision
    Deep Learning

    Spiesman, B. J., Gratton, C., Hatfield, R. G., Hsu, W. H., Jepsen, S., McCornack, B., Patel, K., & Wang, G. (2021). Assessing the potential for deep learning and computer vision to identify bumble bee species from images. Scientific Reports, 11(7580), 2021.

  2. Computer Vision
    Machine Learning

    Varela, S., Dhodda, P. R., Hsu, W. H., Prasad, P. V. V., Assefa, Y., Peralta, N. R., Griffin, T., Sharda, A., Ferguson, A., & Ciampitti, I. A. (2018). Early-Season Stand Count Determination in Corn via Integration of Imagery from Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Supervised Learning Techniques. Remote Sensing, 10, 343.

  3. Probabilistic Reasoning
    Machine Learning

    Brase, G. L., Vasserman, E. Y., & Hsu, W. (2017). Do Different Mental Models Influence Cybersecurity Behavior? Evaluations via Statistical Reasoning Performance. Frontiers in Psychology, 8.

  4. Probabilistic Reasoning
    Machine Learning
    Health Medical

    Roy Chowdhury, S., Scoglio, C., & Hsu, W. H. (2011). Mitigation strategies for foot and mouth disease: a learning-based approach. International Journal of Artificial Life Research, 2(2), 42-76.

  5. Machine Learning

    Guo, H. & Hsu, W. H. (2007). A machine learning approach to algorithm selection for NP-hard optimization problems: a case study on the MPE problem. Annals of Operations Research, Special Issue on Stochastic Search Algorithms, 156(1), 61-82.

  6. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

    Hsu, W. H. (2004). Genetic Wrappers for Feature Selection in Decision Tree Induction and Variable Ordering in Bayesian Network Structure Learning. Information Sciences, 163(1-3), 103-122.

  7. Data Mining
    Machine Learning

    Hsu, W. H., Welge, M., Redman, T., & Clutter, D. (2002). High-Performance Commercial Data Mining: A Multistrategy Machine Learning Application. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 6(4), 361-391.

  8. Data Mining
    Machine Learning

    Hsu, W. H., Ray, S. R., & Wilkins, D. C. (2000). A Multistrategy Approach to Classifier Learning from Time Series. Machine Learning, 38(1-2), 213-236.

  9. Data Mining
    Machine Learning

    Ray, S. R. & Hsu, W. H. (1998). Self-Organized-Expert Modular Network for Classification of Spatiotemporal Sequences. Intelligent Data Analysis, 2(4), 287-301.

  10. Network Science
    Machine Learning

    Hsu, W. H. & Zwarico, A. E. (1995). Automatic Synthesis of Compression Techniques for Heterogeneous Files. Software: Practice and Experience, 25(10), 1097-1116.